How long does it take to truly recover from an ankle sprain?

Posted by Dr. Katz on 4/17/2014

After spraining your ankle, you can often get back on the court anywhere from 1-6 weeks in most cases. But, don't you often feel tentative to drive the lane, attack the rim and go up for rebounds in traffic? After coming back from a sprain, how long does it truly take for you to be 100% physically sound and 100% confident in your ankle so that you don't have to think about it while playing? We would like to know from you about your experiences in terms of getting back to 100%. If you purchased the Ektio shoe, did this speed up the physical and mental recovery period?

Peter Soltani (Doctor and Ektio Customer): "I'm a doctor (M.D) who plays basketball regularly. I sustained a grade 3 ankle sprain (eg. Complete rupture) of 2 ligaments in my lateral right ankle in 2012. After I recovered, I've been using Ektio sneakers since, with no further ankle injuries. If I was wearing those Ektio sneakers as a preventative measure in the first place, I likely would have never sustained that major ankle injury. I wish I knew then what I know now. Everyone if focused on big name brands, but Ektio beats out any name brand sneaker (I've owned them all) for the purpose of preventing ankle sprains, and I also think it has improved my overall game performance. An added plus is that the stability at the shoes base has imporved my foot work & made my foot planting for jump shots better. I personally think the sneakers look very nice, but for the purpose of pure game performance and safety from ankle injuries, in my opinion, Ektio makes the best basketball sneakers on the market.

J. Sussman (Loyal Ektio Customer): "The performance and support your shoes provide is the real thing. I have not been this excited about basketball shoes in a while, the only other time that came close was when I tried my first pair of New Balance a few years ago and thought they were the best kept secret in basketball shoes. But even that doesn't compare.

In the Ektio's, my feet feel cradled, supported, secured, cared for, and loved like never before. I drove to the hoop hard and jumped max strength with full confidence for the first time in a long time, especially after severely injuring my ankle a few months back when I took a layup and landed on my foot flat out on its side or maybe it was on top...Either way, it was in a completely unnaturally bent position on the curb behind the hoop. I rested it a bit and played in 3 rec league games after I thought I was fully healed. But each time I played, inevitably at some point in the game I would re-tweak the injury. I felt like I was now stuck in the old man's cycle with my first chronic re-occuring injury and just took it as a sign of entering middle age stage of life physically.

Then I decided it was time to buy new shoes as the outsoles no longer existed on my existing ones. When I did a google and amazon search for the New Balance shoes I had and could no longer find them in stock anywhere, for some reason the Ektio shoes came up alongside them. I got the Breakaways and played in several rec games, and several times I am 100% sure I made moves that one day earlier in my other shoes would have re-injured the ankle as had been actually happening each time I played days before. But now I did not come close. Ankles feel great, knock on wood. Now I feel like dunking again and doing it in a game is a realistic goal instead of just a pipe dream."

Jeff Larkin (NJ Doctor): "As a former collegiate basketball player who struggled with inversion ankle sprains, I was excited about the concept of the Ektio basketball shoe. I purchased a pair for myself and another pair for my middle-school aged son. I am a doctor who specializes in treating sports injuries, and I know how debilitating ankle sprains can be. This expertly designed, high-quality shoe really delivers on its promises of stability and comfort. My son loves it too- both for performance and style! I highly recommend Ektios to anyone who is in the market for a high-performance basketball shoe."

John from New Jersey ( Customer): I've now purchased six pairs. I'm 48 years old and have worn braces since 1984. I've broken both ankles in three places and that was nothing compared to the sprains. I purchased three pairs for myself and two for my 19 year old son and one for my teammate who was ready to hang up the game due to his injuries. Each style of shoe gets better, I can't and won't play without them ever again.

Jonathan Chang-Ektio Customer Review on FB: I've played about 6 adult league games and over a dozen practices since I purchased the Breakaways. They are light and very durable. I am pretty rough on sneakers and so far these have shown very little wear. I've landed on a few feet playing in these and it absolutely did it's job. I constantly push these on friends that sprain ankles and continue to use ankle braces that simply do not work consistently.

A little background with why I emphasize ankle support. I started playing league style basketball around 15 years old. From that age till about 18, I must have battled sprained ankles well over a dozen times. At one point my doctor took film because he was so concerned about my continuing to roll my ankle that he scared me with ligament damage talk and surgery in the long run. Needless to say, I started playing handicapped. I literally did not jump. I developed flat foot layups that at times came in handy but not developing the ability to jump in basketball pretty much made me stop playing by the time I got to college. Around 28, for some reason decided to start playing again and my game still suffered and more than ever I did not want to injure myself. Now that I'm 30, with 3 pairs already under my belt from Ektio including the Breakaways, I am doing agility drills again, jumping hurdles, rebounding again, but best of all I've been able to jump stop on my drives without a single worry. Hands down the best basketball shoes I've ever owned.

Eastbay Customer Review: First of all, I am 30 years old and play basketball competitively in adult leagues twice a week. I like many have sprained my ankles numerous times. I tried every brace there was. I was looking for the best protection while not being so bulky and making my ankle immovable. But let's face it, that's what these braces do. I then found Ektio Wraptors and wore them very skeptically. These shoes are not like other shoes, you will have to adjust to putting them on. However, once you learn how to put them on with the two straps, they take far less time than lacing up braces and then putting other shoes on. The performance of these shoes is noticed right away. The comfort and ankle mobility is amazing. Too good to be true. I see my share of ankle injuries still, but they are not mine. I tell every person, quit wearing and spending money on braces. Try these shoes and you will be protected and gain mobility. I upgraded to the Breakaways last week and Ektio improved the foam cushion, the straps are made with better material and the look is much better. I am a customer for life. If you have any ankle problems, do not suffer through bulky braces and for sure don't quit playing. Before you consider those options, consider the Breakaways first. You will not regret it. sneaker review: "Once again, I am surprised by this company. Last year when I saw their claim of no ankle rolls, I was extremely skeptical, until I strapped up the Post Up. Now, Ektio should be firmly entrenched in performance product talks. This shoe is absolutely deserving of being compared to any of the top basketball shoes on the market in terms of playability and performance. If you are tired of the same old, give these a run. The price has dropped to reasonable levels and the technology is something to be tested. Break away from the herd and try Ektio."

Nightwing2303 (Sneaker reviewer for "I understand that you want to be cool and look cool on-court. But if you need something-such as support- then you need it. No questions asked. If you need glasses to see then you should probably wear glasses. If you need for & water to live then you should probably eat food and drink water. If you need support...then you should be wearing something from Ektio. I've worn enough shoes and apparel- including braces- to know when something is doing its job...the Ektio Breakaway does its job and it's quite possibly the best at what it offers. This is a tool. If you use the proper tool for the job then you will get the job done better and with less strain. In terms of an off brand...I believe this is the best there is.

Greg Lombardo- Satisfied Ektio Customer- "After wearing these shoes, I'll never be able to ball in anything else and can't wait until the Breakaways are released to give them a try."

Rick Barry- NBA Hall of Famer, Top 50 Players of All-Time, NBA Champion, 5-Time NBA 1st Team: "I love the Ektio Basketball shoe, but, as they say, timing is everything. Well, my timing was off by over 25 years. So, I missed out on wearing the best possible basketball shoe to help prevent ankle sprains. There is no other shoe available with patented technology that has proven to be so successful in reducing the chance of spraining your ankle. I missed far too many games in my career with sprained ankles. If I were playing today, I'd be wearing the Ektio Basketball Shoe."

Lee Taft- Basketball and Performance Coach: "Recently I was asked to try a pair of the Ektio Basketball shoes. It is a new technology with a focus on greatly reducing the potential for ankle sprains. Being a skeptic, I thought it was another gimmick but after I wore them the first time I thought they really have something here. The second time I wore them I was sold. The support was truly amazing. Because I am a sports performance coach and teach multi-directional speed it is imperative that athletes are able to get into the correct loading position at the ankle joint. If they do it promotes greater acceleration and deceleration. The Ektio shoe not only allows for proper ankle positioning but it locks the ankle into a safe and effective position. If you have ever suffered a sprained ankle you know the pain it causes and time it takes to heal. You owe it to yourself to try the Ektio shoe to see for yourself the effectiveness of this new technology."

Landon Harger- Basketball Coach: "I teach and coach in a small school in Wisconsin, and recently purchased the Ektio Wraptors because I have bad ankle and am sick of wearing ankle braces anytime I do. I have been wearing them around the house, but they really do not need to be broken in. GREAT PLUS! I laced them up for practice last night and played with the boys, and they are AWESOME! I am very impressed with the comfort and stability. I could cut and move at 100% and not hesitate and worry about rolling an ankle. If these shoes demonstrate durability and don't fall apart I think you guys have an amazing product. I will keep you posted as I continue to play more frequently and let you know how the shoes perform, but my first impression I was blown away. Good work!"

Unnamed Contributor: "These shoes are very lightweight. I was surprised on how light they were and you can't even tell that there is a brace in the shoe. Great shoe overall. They are very durable, easy to clean, comfortable, have good ankle support, I would recommend these to anyone."

BruceLauder- Nottingham Hoods in Europe: "I owe my season to these shoes, I like many others was skeptical at the beginning, but these shoes really do work. My ankle is still weak from the damage sustained last year and my season would have been over had I been wearing my old boots. These shoes are light and comfy to wear- you don't notice the support but as last weekend proves, it is definitely there! I would recommend anyone who is recovering from an ankle injury who wants to prevent one to get these shoes-they could save your season!"

Salvatore Vitello- Pace University Basketball Player: "I was a four year varsity starter in HS and play in college at Pace University, and the Ektio shoe eliminated any chance of a sprained ankle, allowing me to play with both confidence and comfort."

Matthew Ryan- Ektio Customer: "I've been playing basketball since I was 6 years old. I suffered my first major ankle injury when I was 15, tearing ligaments in my left ankle. After healing, I went from Varsity to JV in a blink of an eye. I never played basketball without wearing a brace post injury. Eventually I healed and had success in my junior and senior years. That all came to a sudden halt when I landed on another player's foot when shooting a three. I tore two ligaments in my right ankle, which happened to be my strong leg. Fast forward 15 years and present day. I still play once a week if I'm lucky. I've sprained my ankles many times over the 15 years. I wear TWO braces on BOTH feet. When I finish playing, both my legs are incredibly sore. It's horrible considering the passion I have for the game. Last night, I played basketball without ankle braces for the first time in over 15 years. I played well. Afterwards, I found I was in much less pain. Probably 75% less in fact. Thanks to Ektio's product, I may be able to play up to three times a week. I guess I am shocked at how much a simple shoe can change my life in a positive manner. Thank you so much."

Brendhan Pelot- Ektio Customer: "Played today at lunch with a group of guys I've been playing with for 10 years. We were in the locker room after the game one of them says to me.."I haven't seen you make moves like that in years." And he was right. I haven't felt the support necessary to move like that and/or I've been too restricted by ankle braces to move like that for the better part of the last decade. Thanks for making these shoes Ektio, I just wish I had found you earlier."
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